What do you think of, when someone says, "let's go camping"? I think of loading up the old Army tent my Dad had and heading to the mountains of Colorado. Upon arrival, everyone helped to put up camp. Setting up that 15x15 smelly canvas tent was nothing short of a miracle, it took every hand we had to get it done. A sandwich lunch and off to go fishing or exploring. Usually we had other friends that accompanied us so we were not alone. If my Dad was successful with fishing we had fish for dinner or Mom would pull out hamburgers to grill on the open fire, but in the evening, we would sit around the fire and talk.

Later when my parents could afford it we went in a pickup camper and pulled a boat. In the evenings, we still sat around

a fire and talked. I think what I like about the camping experience is getting to know people. In today's world, we are so busy we fail to actually interact with others. Go to any gathering of people, watch, everyone is on a cell phone or iPad. Do you say anything to the person next to you? Usually not, but around a campground or a campfire you relax and find yourself conversing with this stranger next to you. What a wonderful feeling that is.

Come on people LETS GO CAMPING!

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